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Q: Does the G5 Drive Bracket work in the latest "Dual Core" Power Mac G5?

A: This version of the G5 Drive Bracket does NOT work in the new Dual Core Power Mac G5.  We are looking at a redesign that will work in these machines and will update our website when more information is available.

Q: There are other brackets on the market, what makes yours different?

A: Two main points that separate our drive bracket with the others: value and choice:

Value: Supplying only the bare necessities to the buying public allows us to keep the value of the hard drive bracket high (lower cost to manufacturer, lower cost to the buying public).

Choice: Unlike other manufactures that offer hard drive mounting brackets for the Apple Power Mac G5 personal computers, the G5 Drive Bracket Team does NOT make you pay for Serial ATA items that you may or may not use. We believe that there is a large market for a simple, effective, and value oriented hard drive bracket for the Apple Power Mac G5 personal computer. The G5 Drive Bracket Team supplies only the bare necessities, the hard drive bracket and mounting hardware, allowing people to make their own choice as to what technologies to use in their G5.

Q: What is included in the G5 Drive Bracket Kit?

A: The G5 Drive Bracket will include the following:

• 1 - Polycarbonate Drive Base
• 3 - Polycarbonate Hard Drive Brackets
• 6 - 1/2" Hat Screws
• 1 - Allen Wrench
• 1 - Flat Screw
• 1 - Detailed PDF Install Guide (via Download)

Q: What additional items will I need?

A: The G5 Drive Bracket does NOT include the following; these items are to be provided by the customer:

• 1 - 5" or shorter #2 Phillips Head Screw Driver
• 2 to 3 - 6" "Y" Power Adaptor Cables*
• 1 to 3 - 3 1/2" x 1" Hard Disk Drives
• 1 to 3 - 24" Hard Drive Data Cables
• 10 or less - Zip Ties (Cable Management)

Q: How can I ensure the hard drives do not dislodge from the base while relocating or transporting the system?

A: The G5 Drive Bracket should be removed from the chassis if the system is going to be transported any distance to ensure that the hard disk drive do not become damaged in the move.  The bracket has been purposely designed to be very simple to install and remove.


Q: What type of drives can be installed?

A: Any 3 1/2" x 1" hard disk drive can be mounted to the hard drive mounts included in the kit (ATA, SATA, SCSI). Please Note: the end customer is responsible for providing the hard disk drives, the hard disk drive interface card, and hard disk drive data/power cables.

Q: What ATA cards work in the G5's PCI or PCI-X slots?

A: We have tested both the Sonnet IDE Controller and the SIIG IDE Controller and both have worked fine for us. UPDATE: Sonnet no longer lists the Power Mac G5 as a compatible system.  We have also received reports of instability with the SIIG controller (as well as reports of NO PROBLEMS).  We suggest contacting the manufacture of any card you're interested in to verify compatibility or use an ATA to SATA bridge.

Q: What SATA cards work in the G5's PCI or PCI-X slots?

A: There are several SATA controllers that are certified and compatible with the Power Mac G5.  Customer feedback has pointed to the following controllers:

The G5 Drive Bracket Team has no association with either of these hardware manufactures and therefore in no way implies the capabilities of said hardware.

Q: What modifications do I have to do to my Apple Power Mac G5 personal computer to be able to install your G5 Drive Bracket?

A: There are no modifications necessary to the Apple Power Mac G5 hardware.  We simply replace 1 screw mounted in the bottom plate of the G5 with a slightly longer screw.  This replacement screw is used solely for securing the G5 Drive Bracket from moving during  normal everyday use of your computer.

Q: Is there a two-drive version of the bracket?

A: This G5 Drive Bracket can be installed with one (1), two (2) or three (3) drives as the customer sees fit.

Q: I understand I'll need to split power from the optical drive.  Can you provide details on how to remove the drive?

A: Please see the linked Apple Manual (PDF): http://manuals.info.apple.com/en/


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